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The Leaders of Learning is a show about learning in the 21st century. Through interviews with leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, and many more, Ling Ling explores the technology, methodologies and insights of learning for personal and organisational development.

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Episode 012: Finding Balance

Dr Oberdan Marianetti, is a qualified psychologist and clinical sexologist. He shares with us his experiences and stories on Finding Balance.

Episode 011: What it takes to be an Entrepreneur

Goh Ai Yat, calls herself a trainer, a storyteller, an artist, and an entrepreneur. She speaks to us about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Episode 010: AI and Human Learning

JC Sekar, CEO & co-founder of AcuiZen, discusses about Artificial Intelligence and Human Learning.

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Our Host

Leaders of Learning is the first Asian-based podcast to explore learning and development.

Ling Ling is one of the very few independent female podcaster, based in Singapore. She run the The Podcast Collective Circle with Lean In to encourage and support women to be come podcasters.

Ling Ling is the Director of Spark Learning Solutions, a learning and development company that focuses on the development of cultural intelligence, intercultural competence and cross-cultural effectiveness of talents, leaders and organisations globally.

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