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Episode 012: Finding Balance

Dr Oberdan Marianetti, is a qualified psychologist and clinical sexologist. He shares with us his experiences and stories on Finding Balance.

Episode 011: What it takes to be an Entrepreneur

Goh Ai Yat, calls herself a trainer, a storyteller, an artist, and an entrepreneur. She speaks to us about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Episode 010: Artificial Learning and Human Learning

JC Sekar, CEO & co-founder of AcuiZen, discusses Artificial Intelligence and Human Learning.

Episode 009: Cultural Intelligence and Learning

David Livermore, PhD, speaks to us about cultural intelligence and its influence in how we learn and teach.

Episode 008: The Importance of UnLearning

Faiszah A Hamid, Head of the Singapore Red Cross Academy, shares her experiences in the importance of unlearning.

Episode 007: Transforming Conversations

Don Rapley, co-founder of Transform Your Conversations, discusses about the power of conversations.

Episode 006: Effective Knowledge Transfer

MayLyn Tan, Head of Academic Development at SIM, talks about how to effectively transfer expert knowledge to a beginner.

Episode 005: Games-Based Learning

Siddarth Jain, Creative Director of Playware Studios, talks about gamification, serious games, games-based learning and how we learn through play.

Episode 004: Building Relationship Capital

Annie Yahaya, founder of Vital Voices Asia and co-founder of Coach Work Asia, shares the benefits of building your relationship capital.

Episode 003: Learning Circles

Learning Circle's Chief Architect, Prashant Jain, speaks to us about what is learning circles and how it can benefit you.

Episode 002: Learning with Videos

Film Director, Saphira, speaks to us about why videos are great for learning and shares behind-the-scenes of video development.

Episode 001: Learning Across Generations

Raymond Thomas shares his insights about engaging audiences across different generations.

Episode 000: About Leaders of Learning

Let's hear from your host, Ling Ling, as she talks about her motivation behind this podcast and what you can expect from this season. 

Our Host

She loves to learn new things and discover what makes people tick. There is nothing greater than helping others discover and live up to their potential. She believes that life long learning is the key to personal growth, well-being, work/life satisfaction and happiness.

Leaders of Learning is the first Asian-based podcast to explore learning and development, with Ling Ling as the pioneering and independent female podcaster.

Ling Ling is the Director of Spark Learning Solutions, a learning and development company that supports cross-cultural effectiveness with organisational and leadership development programs, coaching and consulting.

Listen to the teaser episode of our first season!